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2018.02.14|Radio & Interview|BBC Radio3

2016.06.27|Interview JPN|National TV,  WBS ´World Business Satelite´ (11pm news)

2016.06.27|Interview JPN|TV TOKYO,  4アンサー (4pm news)

2016.03 iss|Concert Review JPN | 'Ongaku-no-Tomo' Music Magazine
2016.03 iss|Concert Review JPN | 'Ongaku-Gendai' Music Magazine
2016.02     |Interview JPN | 'Sarasate' String Music Magazine
2016.01.19|Newspaper Article JPN| Kyoto Newspaper
2016.01  |Interview JPN | 'Ongaku-no-Tomo' Music Magazine
2016.01  |Interview JPN | 'Ongaku-Gendai' Music Magazine

2015.11.23|Newspaper Article JPN|Mainichi Newspaper
2015.07 iss|Concert Review UK| 'Musical Opinion' Music Magazine
2015.05.02|Interview JPN|'Masato Kimura's Tsubuyaitaro London' (Internet news)
2015.04.13|Concert Review UK | 'Classical Source'
2015.02.18|Interview ENGLISH| Japan Society London 

2014.12.06|Interview JPN|Japan Update (London-based Japanese newspaper)  
2014.09.24|Interview ENGLISH| Japan Store (Online)

2012.11.06|Book Review by LISA, JPN|Susan Tomes' (Noriko Ogawa translation) "Out of Silence"  DAIWA (Online)
2012.07.19|Review UK|St Martin-in-the-Fields Duo
2012.03.12|TV appearance ES & ENG|rtvelVendrell (Spain: Catalan TV) 
2012.03.06|Article ES|Revisita Musical Catalana (Spain: Catalan music magazine)
2012.03.06|Article ES | Noticies TGN 
2012.03.05|Article ES|delCamp
2012.03.01|Article ES|CulturaPenedès|

2011.01.15|Review JPN|'Ongaku-Gendai' Music Magazine - February issue 

2010.10.11|Radio UK|Interview&Performance on Radio Verulam
2010.02.01|Radio UK|Interview&Performance on Radio Verulam
2010.01     |Magazine Article UK|ABRSM 'Libretto' music magazine

2009.12.12|Newspaper JPN|Sankei Shimbun Newspaper
2009.12.09|Newspaper Article JPN|Mainichi Newspaper
2009.12.03|Newspaper Article JPN|Daily Yomiuri Newspaper
2009.12.03|Newspaper Article JPN|Asahi Shimbun Newspaper
2009.12.03|Newspaper Article JPN|Nihon Keizai Shimbun Newspaper 

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